Smartphone Apps for Hearing Aids, A Review

July 10, 2022

Smartphone Apps for Hearing Aids, A Review

Hearing aid apps are changing the way people use their hearing aids. Recent technological advancements have led to apps that allow users to customize their hearing aids, control functionality, and more. Almost every current hearing aid produced by a major hearing aid manufacturer comes with a smartphone app that allows you to make changes to your hearing experience.

So, in this article, I'm going to offer you a quick rundown of some of my favorite smartphone apps.


In MyPhonak version 4.0.4, Phonak has not only corrected many of the flaws in their earlier versions of the MyPhonak App, but they've also included several new features:

  • Remote Assistance
  • The ability to connect to your hearing care practitioner 
  • A tinnitus masker 
  • Speech focus - minimizes the noise from behind and to the sides while increasing front-facing speech volume.
  • Adjustment of hearing aids in real-time.
  • Remote hearing aid testing through your hearing aids

You can now create up to ten MyPhonak saved settings, which can be accessed from any smart device connected to your hearing aids. You can also use the push button on your hearing aids to retrieve your most recently used MyPhonak memory, so you don't have to open the MyPhonak App to get to that custom program you use most frequently.

Hearing aid compatible with myPhonak: Phonak Paradise

Starkey Thrive app

The Starkey Thrive app features a unique feature that offers you a body and brain score. The score's body section keeps track of your steps, estimated calories burnt during the day, and how often you move around. The brain score keeps note of how long you use your hearing aids, how frequently you converse with others, how much you stream audio, and how often you change listening environments during the day.

The app also allows you to alter the volume of your hearing aids. You can also change several other settings, such as the microphone's direction. 

They also offer a feature called SoundSpace. With this feature, you can change your pre-programmed memories or make your own personalized program. You also can track down a lost hearing aid and set up Hear Care Anywhere, which allows your hearing care specialist to make remote adjustments to your hearing aids when you're not in their office.

Hearing aid compatible with Starkey Thrive: Starkey Evolv

Signia App

The Signia app allows you to control the loudness of your hearing aids as well as a tinnitus therapy signal. You can also choose between different programs that your hearing care professional has pre-programmed for you. Alternatively, you can simply use the default listening settings.

You can also modify the Spatial Configurator, which allows you to determine which direction your hearing aids should pick up sound from. This is a valuable function when you're in a noisy area. Using the app, you can also boost bass while lowering treble or increase treble while lowering bass. There is a battery life indicator on it.

The software includes a feature called Signia Assistant that provides 24/7 support, answers typical user questions, and assists with hearing aid customization. It works with both Apple and Android devices, just like the other apps on this list. Still, only Apple devices can be used to stream audio directly into your ears.

Hearing aid compatible with the Signia App: Signia AX

ReSound Smart 3D

I found this app easy to use while also being one of the most complete in terms of the range of features. You can adjust the volume of both of your hearing aids simultaneously or individually. You can effortlessly switch between programs designed by your hearing care professional and personal favorites. You're able to modify the bass, mids, and treble in the Sound Enhancer. In some programs, such as the Restaurant program, you can also alter the noise reduction based on your tastes and the microphone focus.

If you experience tinnitus, you can customize the Tinnitus Manager to your preference. Various remote accessories, such as a remote microphone, a multi-mic, or a TV streamer, can also be quickly added and deployed.

You can trace a missing hearing aid via the My ReSound part of the app, and it will give you the last known place it was in communication with your phone. You can also ask your hearing care practitioner for remote changes to your hearing aids.

Hearing aid compatible with the Smart 3D App: Resound One

Oticon ON

The ON app is much improved from earlier versions. You can change the volume of your devices using the Oticon ON app by sliding up and down on your screen. You may switch between pre-programmed memories or stream from a TV, a remote microphone, or even your iPhone mic. You'll be able to toggle on or off the OpenSound Booster if you have an Oticon Opn or More device, which will assist you in eliminating some extra background noise in a noisy area.

The app will inform you how long your hearing aid batteries will last so you can know when it's time to replace them. If you misplace your hearing aids, it also contains a Find My Hearing Aid option. Hearing Fitness is another important feature of the app. This shows you how much you use your hearing aids, which programs you use, and how often you use them.

What most distinguishes this app from the others is its ability to set smart features. You can connect to using the Oticon ON app, which allows you to configure notifications that will be heard in your hearing aids, such as when your batteries are low, when it starts to rain outside, or when your phone loses connection with the hearing aid.

Hearing aid compatible with the Oticon ON App: Oticon More

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