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Phonak Lyric

Phonak Lyric is the world's only 100% invisible hearing aid. The Lyric system is an extended wear device that is placed in your ear by your Audiologist every few months. According to Phonak, the "Lyric is a very small, discreet hearing aid. Its miniature size combined with its exceptional build quality, allows it to withstand the challenging conditions within the ear canal."

Phonak Lyric

The hearing aid landscape has been revolutionized in the past decade. You no longer have to choose a typical hearing aid anymore, thanks to advancements in hearing instrument technology. Many people with hearing loss would prefer a hearing aid that helps them perform their best socially without drawing attention to their hearing loss. The Lyric hearing aid is the answer if you're seeking a device that's invisible to the naked eye while still providing excellent hearing quality.

Lyric is a high-quality, completely undetectable in-canal hearing aid for those who want to correct their hearing loss but don't want to announce it to the world. You might compare it to how contact lenses improve your vision without changing your appearance.

How does the Lyric work?

Lyric's shell consists of a soft material that is designed to conform to the ear canal. During a routine office appointment, Lyric is comfortably implanted in the ear canal. Lyric hearing professionals work to guarantee that the device is fitted and adjusted individually for your ears and hearing needs only.

The Phonak Lyric boasts the following features:

●      Biocompatible soft foam seals conform to the ear canal. It is safe to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

●      Proprietary mechanical and coating solutions to keep the hearing aid dry and free of earwax.

●      A configurable sound processing technology that works millimeters from the tympanic membrane. This allows for both the microphone and receiver to befitted deep in the ear canal.

●      A proprietary battery that lasts up to 120 days.

The benefits of Phonak Lyric


Completely invisible: No one will be able to tell where a Lyric wearer's improved hearing comes from. Unlike other hearing aids, Lyric is compact and fits in the ear canal, making it completely undetectable. As a result, Lyric allows users to benefit from improved hearing without anyone knowing they're wearing a hearing aid.

Hearing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Patients can forget about the difficulties of traditional hearing aids with Lyric. Lyric permits people to hear for months at a period, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients can use Lyric while sleeping, showering, exercising, listening to music using external headphones, or conversing on the phone. There are no batteries to replace, no maintenance to perform, and no insertion and removal of the device daily. Lyric is a hearing aid that allows users to go about their daily lives without being continuously reminded of their hearing loss.

A more natural sound: Lyric was created to make use of the unique anatomy of the ear. Its unique design and placement work with the ear's structure to offer excellent sound quality. Without the need for complicated settings or intricate programming, Lyric uses the outer ear to naturally route sound into the ear canal.

Less wind noise and feedback: As it is installed deep within the ear, Lyric exposes you to less wind noise when outside. Their proximity to the eardrum also means they're less prone to cause whistling feedback.

Less occlusion: The position of Lyric inside the ear canal can also help lessen the annoying occlusion effect that distorts sound.

A range of sizes: Lyric is now available in several sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, making it accessible to almost any ear shape and size.

Take advantage of Lyric's one-of-a-kind subscription plan.

Unlike traditional hearing solutions, Lyric hearing aids are not purchased. Instead, they're provided through your local Lyric provider (like Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix) on a subscription basis. This eliminates some of the annoyances of hearing aid ownership, such as acquiring and replacing batteries, removing your devices to wash, sleep, or exercise, and maintaining and cleaning your hearing aids. In addition, it's almost impossible to lose your hearing aids when you're wearing Lyric.

 Lyric is a low-maintenance hearing aid that can be worn for months at a time. After this period, simply return to your Lyric Provider for a quick device repair when the battery levels start to run low so you can continue to experience the invisible, natural hearing that only Lyric can deliver. Your Certified Lyric Provider determines the cost of a Lyric subscription, which varies depending on an individual's equipment requirements. An annual subscription costs about the same as a pair of typical premium-level hearing aids.

Lyric Hearing Aid FAQs

Q. Does Lyric require a subscription?

A. Yes, the Lyric system requires an annual subscription that is renewed each year.

Q. Do you have to go to a special provider to have it adjusted?

A. Yes. To get service or adjustment on your Lyric device, you need to visit a Lyric-certified practice.

Q. What is included in a Lyric subscription?

A. A subscription covers one year of Lyric hearing aids, which includes replacement Lyric devices and servicing throughout the year-long period. With Lyric, there are no repairs or battery replacements and you will receive technology and firmware updates as they become available. Each Lyric device lasts for months at a time, although the battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions. When you need a new Lyric, you will visit your hearing healthcare provider for a replacement device.

Lyric Hearing Aids in Phoenix

You can read more about our certification process for the Lyric here. We have been offering the Phonak Lyric at our Phoenix clinic since July 2021. You can learn more by watching this video by Dr. Cliff discussing the product and the practice certification.

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