Applied Hearing Solutions Opens New Phoenix Clinic

July 10, 2022

Applied Hearing Solutions Opens New Phoenix Clinic

Earlier this year, Applied Hearing Solutions opened up a beautiful new clinic in North Phoenix. The new clinic is the culmination of over a year of planning, but Audiologist and clinic owner Dr. Cliff Olson is sure it was worth the effort:

"I wanted to design one of the most modern and advanced hearing clinics in the country all while making it an unforgettable place to receive hearing treatment," says Dr. Cliff, AuD, "and I believe that's what we achieved."

The new clinic location is ideal for serving patients throughout the Valley and for patients who travel to Phoenix to receive Best Practice Audiologic care at Applied Hearing Solutions. Applied Hearing Solutions is known for obtaining exceptional hearing outcomes for their patients by following 4 core principles:

1) Person-Centered Care - Instead of relying solely on diagnostic information and one-way communication from doctor to patient, Person-Centered care puts the values, wants, and needs as the main focus when determining the best way to treat an individual's hearing loss.

2) Hearing aid Best Practices - Best Practices are a long list of Testing and Treatment procedures that have been identified to maximize patient outcomes with hearing aids. According to Dr. Cliff, "Less than 30% of hearing care providers follow Best Practices. Yet following Best Practices with extreme precision has been proven to consistently provide significantly better treatment outcomes for individuals who wear hearing aids."

3) Knowledge is Power - Patients who understand why certain treatment decisions are made perform better and are much happier with their hearing treatment.

4) Cutting Edge Technology - Optimal hearing treatment not only requires the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment to test hearing, but it also requires the most sophisticated hearing aid technology to properly treat a hearing loss. Dr. Olson is adamant when he says, "If there is something new on the market, whether that is a new piece of equipment like 3D ear scanning technology, or a new hearing aid with revolutionary new features, we are going to be the first clinic to adopt and use this new tech."

The new Phoenix, AZ office is already open and is currently accepting new patients. Given the focus on Best Practices and better patient outcomes, Applied Hearing Solutions is one of the best places to get hearing aids in Phoenix. Here are some important resources for our new office.

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Our new address is: 4045 East Union Hills Dr Suite D128 Phoenix, AZ 85050 602-877-0000

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