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What makes Applied Hearing Solutions different? 

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We believe in providing only the highest quality of care which means we take as much time as necessary to make sure we get your treatment perfect.

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We believe that the better you understand your hearing loss, the better you will hear with your treatment.

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Hearing your best does not require guesswork.  That’s why we always follow comprehensive Best Practice procedures to ensure a high-level treatment outcome.

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Our Phoenix clinic only works with the best hearing aid technology, including hearing aids that other clinics don’t.

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Meet your local audiologists.

Our Audiologists, Doctors Cliff Olson, Leslie Balderas, Rachael Cook, & Kelsey Beck, are each committed to providing the highest quality of care by combining their extensive knowledge of Audiologic Best Practices, State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and premium hearing aid technology with a Person-Centered Care approach, to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

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Dr. Cliff Olson
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Dr. Rachael Cook
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Dr. Leslie Balderas
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Dr. Kelsey Beck
"Dr. Olson and his staff are fantastic!  The treatment that he prescribed with the new hearing devices has completely changed my life."

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At Applied Hearing Solutions we specialize in Modern Hearing Aids, Comprehensive Hearing Testing, Earwax Removal, & Tinnitus Treatment.

Hear what our patients have to say about their experience at our practice.

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"Cliff is a genius and an energizer bunny. My wife swears by these guys and has made a point to follow them as they change office locations."

Robert C.
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"What an amazing experience! I’ve never had a more thorough exam and fitting. (...) I highly recommend Applied Hearing Solutions"

Blake G.
sophie moore avatar image

"Was very happy with the service and your knowledge. Would come back again!"

Rosanne H.
kathie corl avatar image

Wow, night and day from previous offices I've been to...the fine tuning of the hearing aids was remarkable. I think they saved my marriage.

Fernando B.
kathie corl avatar image

I have been following Dr. Cliff Olson on You Tube for a couple of years. And I finally got a chance to visit him.  He did an amazing job!

Elizabeth L.
kathie corl avatar image

After getting the runaround from a local ENT office and feeling like they weren’t listening to my needs and concerns, I scheduled ...highly recommend them to anyone with hearing loss who wants the best care.

Tracy Q.
kathie corl avatar image

I searched hearing aids on Google and came across Applied Hearing Solutions—and the science and passion behind it all sold me...would highly recommend this team if you want the best results.

Deborah S.
kathie corl avatar image

I have been going to Dr. Cliff for several years. He took the time to make necessary adjustments to my Phonak aids...his process is excellent making small adjustments at time allowing me to adjust to each new level.

Greg D.
matt cannon avatar image

"I can talk to people on the train again.Not just hearing aids, hearing aids adjusted to work for me!Trust them to perfect a pair for you."

Mark A.
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"I highly recommend Dr Olsen and Dr Balderas. Their attention to detail and personalized care has made a huge difference in my ability to hear correctly."

Hector S.
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"I would highly recommend Dr. Olson as he has treated my mom for a couple of years now and he is very knowledgeable, caring and thorough."

Larry A.
kathie corl avatar image

They spent more time than expected trying to help and we couldn't be more grateful.  Their office is gorgeous, great location and THIS is the place if you have hearing issues!  Thank you Diane, Kelsey and Dr. Balderas!!!

Doug R.
kathie corl avatar image

Audiologists Dr. Olson and Dr. Cook listened to my issues, conducted a high quality hearing test, and recommended solutions.  I appreciate Applied Hearing Solutions approach to hearing aids involving multiple visits to get things adjusted just right.

Mark H.
kathie corl avatar image

Very welcoming ! Dr K Beck was great, explaining everything, very kind and helpful.  Ashley & Savanna were really great! Would highly recommend this office.

Gina Z.
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The staff are very friendly, and I was thrilled to find folks so easy to work with and willing to help. Highly recommend!

Gayle M.
kathie corl avatar image

Excellent diagnosis and fitting...Dr. Olson and staff provide a great experience...great choice - recommended.

Robert S.

North Phoenix Hearing Aid Clinic Location & Questions

4045 E Union Hills Dr Suite #D128
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Hours: M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm

If you have more questions, contact us:

Does your practice staff Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists?

At Applied Hearing Solutions, all of our providers are Doctors of Audiology. Education may very well be the largest difference between an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist.

Audiologists are now required to earn a doctorate, which means eight additional years of education beyond a high school diploma.

The best programs are very selective and competitive to incoming students, and the programs are very rigorous and require a full understanding of hearing healthcare in order to pass the program.


What should I expect during a hearing test?

What you should expect during a hearing test:

Otoscopy: Visually inspecting your outer ear to ensure your ear canal is clear and not obstructed by earwax or a foreign object.

Air Conduction testing:  While wearing headphones or insert earphones, our audiologists will present “beeps” to identify the softest level of sound that you can hear.

Bone Conduction Testing: Using a headset that sends the vibration of sound directly into your cochlea, this test will identify if your hearing loss is due to your outer ear and middle ear, or your inner ear.

Speech Recognition Testing: This test identifies the softest level of speech that you can barely understand.

Word Recognition Score: This test identifies how clearly you can understand speech by repeating words at an audible level.

Speech-in-Noise testing: This test helps our audiologists identify how well you should expect to hear in background noise with hearing aids and the best way to optimize your performance.

If you haven’t had a hearing test in the past 5 years, it’s time to get your hearing tested. Find a Best Practices Audiologist near you to see how well you can hear.


What hearing aid brands do you offer?

There is no such thing as the Best hearing aid for everyone. However, there is a Best hearing aid for you.  

As an independent locally owned and operated audiology clinic, we dispense the best hearing aids from ALL of the major manufacturers.  We just need to make sure we identify your specific wants and needs before we recommend technology from either Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Starkey, Signia, or Widex - any of those hearing aids are available at Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix.


What happens during a hearing aid fitting?

Optimal Physical fit of your hearing aids – This is always Priority #1.  If your hearing aids are not comfortable, you will not wear them.  Physical fit also impacts acoustics and how well your hearing aids can be programmed.

Real Ear Measurement – This is the Gold Standard when it comes to verifying hearing aid programming.  Without this critical procedure, it is impossible to program your hearing aids perfectly to your hearing loss prescription.

Validated Outcome Measures – Pre and Post Subjective questionnaires are the best way to ensure that your hearing aid treatment is helping you hear all the things you want to hear.

Hearing Aid Care & Use – Long-term success with hearing aids requires that you know how to properly use and take care of your devices.


What are Real Ear Measurements (REMs)?

Real Ear Measurement (REM), is a method of verification to ensure your hearing aids are programmed correctly to your hearing loss prescription.  

To perform REM, your audiologist will place probe microphones tubes into your ears along with your hearing aids to measure the amount of amplification you are receiving approximately 5mm away from your eardrum.  They will then custom program the amplification levels in the hearing aid software to match your hearing loss prescriptive targets.

When it comes to hearing aid verification, Real Ear Measurement is the undisputed Gold Standard.


Once I have hearing aids, is follow-up care necessary?

Best Practices guidelines indicate that to maintain your highest level of hearing aid performance, you must receive long-term follow-up care beyond your initial fitting period.  To accomplish this, it is recommended you see your hearing care professional no less than 2 times per year.

During these visits, you audiologist will perform earwax removal, hearing aid cleaning and maintenance, Electroacoustic Analysis (EAA) to test your hearing aid diagnostics, additional hearing evaluations to track changes in your hearing, & reprogram your devices to your changing hearing loss prescription.


How long do hearing aids last?

Typically, hearing aids are designed to last between 5 to 7 years.  Patients who take good personal care of their hearing aids as well as consistent professional maintenance can expect to get even longer than this.  

Several patients at our clinic have made their hearing aids last up to 12 years before getting new devices. However, the average hearing aid user will upgrade their hearing aids every 4.4 years due to significant advancements in hearing aid technology.

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