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Looking for the Best Audiologists in Phoenix?

For those choosing a hearing healthcare professional, there are many options to choose from in the Valley of the Sun. From big-box stores and strip center retail shops to Audiology practices, there is no shortage of choices for hearing care. So why do we believe someone should choose Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix for their care? We’re glad you asked!

Best Practices Lead to Best Outcomes

Why We Believe We’re The Best Audiologists In Phoenix

One of the top reasons to choose us is that we follow stringent protocols and Best Practices when fitting hearing aids. These guidelines help ensure better outcomes and greater satisfaction for hearing aid wearers. While following these guidelines means we spend more time with you, we believe the payoff (your hearing) is worth it.

While many people think of Real Ear Measurement when thinking of Best Practices in hearing aid fitting, there is much more to the protocols we follow. Some of the topics covered in the Best Practice guidelines are:

  1. Assessment & Goal Setting
  2. Technical Aspects of Treatment
  3. Orientation, Counseling & Follow-up
  4. Assessing Outcomes

We Offer All of the Latest Hearing Technology

Many practices are limited in their product offerings, with some clinics recommending the same brand to almost every patient that walks through their door. Applied Hearing Solutions offers all of the latest hearing aids on the market and is not contractually obligated to recommend a particular model.

Therefore, our Audiologists Dr. Cliff Olson, Dr. Leslie Balderas, Dr. Rachael Cook and Dr. Kesley Beck will provide recommendations based on what is best for the patient and their hearing needs. If you check out Dr. Cliff’s videos on YouTube, you will see that he evaluates and reviews many of the brands available. This gives Applied Hearing Solutions exposure and insight into all of the available technology.

We Have Over 150 Reviews With Almost Perfect Rating

Our clinic is proud to have received such generous feedback from our patients. Here are a few examples:

On Google, Susan said “Dr. Cliff Olson is a compassionate and knowledgeable audiologist who listens to your concerns making your hearing aid purchase/fitting easy. He makes sure you are comfortable with your hearing prescription and that you are aware of the adjustments available to your new technology advanced hearing aids. Diane at the Front Desk will always great you with a smile. Please entrust Applied Hearing Solutions for all your hearing loss needs. They will take great care of you!”
Also on Google, Don wrote “Before seeing Dr. Cliff Olson I had been to several audiologists with minimal success. With the hearing aids I received from them I rarely wore them as I felt they didn't provide any improvement in my hearing. After the first visit with Dr. Olson and with him using best practices I immediately noticed the improvement in my hearing with the new hearing aids I received. I started to hear sounds that I hadn't heard in years. When leaving his office for the first time I could hear my car direction signal for the first time in a long while. And this was just one of the sounds I could now hear. I now where my hearing aids constantly which makes my wife and me very happy.”
On Hearing Tracker, Kent commented “Let me say right at start that Dr Cliff is a great audiologist and a great person who is really concerned about the hard of hearing community improving their life experience. I look forward to my appointments because it's actually fun and enlightening, If you are anywhere near Phoenix make an appointment! I had Starkey aids for about 3 years and was never really pleased with my experience even after many adjustments. I had asked the audiologist about Real Ear Measurement and was told it was unnecessary because the computer software would make the best match, What did I know? I happened to see one of Dr Cliff's videos and proceeded to binge view the rest of them. Long story short, got an appointment and found out my aids, especially my left ear, was nowhere near matching my audiogram. I was fitted with Phonak Marvel 90s and couldn't be happier except for the infamous MyPhonak app. Great aids but crappy app. Don't let the app stop you from considering Phonak aids or any aids, make your way to Dr Cliff's office.”

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