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Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent revolutionizes hearing support with groundbreaking user-intent sensors and Sirius platform technology, delivering personalized sound adaptation and connectivity in a compact, rechargeable design loved by users for its clarity and convenience.

Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent: A Revolutionary Hearing Solution

Oticon Intent is a groundbreaking hearing aid that introduces the world’s first user-intent sensors, powered by the cutting-edge Sirius platform. This advanced technology allows Oticon Intent to capture the user's listening intentions through 4D Sensor technology, adapting seamlessly to provide support tailored to the wearer's needs.

About the technology inside Oticon Intent

The Sirius platform enables Oticon Intent to utilize 4D user-intent sensor technology, merging inputs from conversation activity, head and body movement, and the acoustic environment. This combination allows the hearing aid to understand and act on the wearer's listening needs dynamically. The platform includes the second-generation Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0), which enhances sound originality preservation, noise suppression, and clarity, ensuring a rich and full sound scene.

Oticon Intent hearing aids are designed with modern connectivity in mind, supporting Bluetooth LE Audio for efficient streaming from various devices. The product line features our most compact rechargeable miniRITE style to date, ensuring convenience without compromising on performance, and is compatible with self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units for precise gain and a fuller sound experience.

Why patients love Oticon Intent

- 4D User-Intent Sensors: World’s first sensor technology that adapts to the user’s listening intentions, combining inputs from conversation activity, head and body movement, and the acoustic environment.

- Sirius Platform: A purpose-built platform for hearing aids with high processing capacity, enabling a full open sound scene.

- Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0): Enhanced for better sound originality preservation, noise suppression, and clarity.

- Bluetooth LE Audio: Future-proof connectivity for efficient streaming from a variety of devices.

- Self-Calibrating miniFit Detect Speaker Units: For precise gain and a fuller sound scene through lower frequencies and a bandwidth from 80 Hz to 10000 Hz.

- 24 Frequency Channels: For precise sound processing and personalized fine-tuning of gain.

- MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: Provides a balanced and high clarity sound environment, adapting seamlessly to the user's specific listening needs.

- Virtual Outer Ear and Intent-Based Spatial Balancer: For a natural-sounding experience including spatial cues in easy environments and distinct sound source balancing in difficult environments.

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