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Paradise hearing aids are the latest iteration of Phonak's Audeo series of hearing technology. These new devices feature the latest technology like improved sound quality, universal Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, tinnitus support and more.

Phonak's previous flagship model, the Marvel, was a best seller and hugely popular with hearing aid users worldwide. The company builds on that success with the Paradise line of hearing aids. Let's take a look at the Phonak Paradise in more detail.

How they look

With just a few minor changes, such as a slimmer push button and a small change in the front microphone ports' position, the Paradise hearing aids look very similar to the Phonak Marvel. They also have a stylish look you would expect from a hearing aid from Phonak.

Technological features

The processor is an integral part of the architecture of any hearing device. To access each feature of the new Phonak Paradise, Phonak created the PRISM chip. This latest sound processing chip has twice as much memory as the Marvel and vastly expands connection capabilities.

Motion sensors: These motion sensors allow the Paradise hearing aids to adjust microphone settings based on your physical movement. For example, if you're sitting at a table in a noisy area, the hearing aids realize they need to position the microphones directionally. However, if you are driving, the hearing aids will know that you are moving, and the range of those microphones will begin to open up to a more omnidirectional setting.

AutoSense OS 4.0: The latest AutoSense OS 4.0 has been created with artificial intelligence to generate unrivaled sound quality. Every 0.4 seconds, it analyzes the noises around you and can recognize the sound environment. It then adjusts over 200 different settings to precisely fit your exact sound environment. 

Dynamic Noise Cancellation: Dynamic Noise Cancellation is primarily designed for those problematic social conditions where background noise can inhibit the understanding of conversations. Now you can enjoy conversations where your friends are without having to worry about the level of noise around you!

Speech enhancer: Speech enhancers amplifies soft speakers with an additional boost if you have trouble understanding soft-spoken people. 

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0: Featuring a new processing algorithm for a random first fit acceptance, Adaptive Phonak Digital is meant to balance audibility, loudness, and the quality of sound. While this is undoubtedly a step up, we'd like to stress that no fitting algorithm can beat a hearing aid fitted via RealEar Measurements. 

Multiple connections: Eight different devices, including almost any smartphone, can connect to the Phonak Paradise hearing aid. Two separate devices can be connected to the Paradise at the same time. This means that if you're streaming audio from your computer and then getting a phone call, you can answer the phone call without changing your connection settings.  

Hands-free calls: Paradise hearing aids make hands-free phone calls more effortless than ever. It picks up the sound of your voice using microphones on the back of the hearing aids, and all you have to do is reach up and double-tap your ear to answer a phone call. Another double-tap ends the call. The Phonak Paradise will even tell you who's calling, so you don't even have to glance at your phone to see who's calling you.

Stream to your heart's content: It's not just phone calls you can stream through your ears directly, either. You can stream audio of any kind, whether it's an audiobook, a podcast, or even videos. And by just giving a double-tap, you can stop and start streaming the audio.

TV streaming:These hearing aids also allow you to connect up to two TV connectors so that you can stream audio directly from your TV to your hearing aids at the levelyou want while simultaneously allowing family and friends to listen to the TV at their desired level.

Rechargeability: Lithium-ion rechargeable technology comes with several Phonak Paradise hearing aids. The rechargeable Paradise models should last at least 16 hours on a single charge. This is based on an assumed 8 hours of listening, 4 hours of Bluetooth classic audio streaming, and 4 hours of streaming with a TV connector. You should expect to get 24 hours of power from them if you are not streaming.


myPhonak App

Control your device: The latest myPhonak smartphone app gives you the ability to change the volume on the remote control screen and switch between different programs. By giving you access to a three-band equalizer to change bass, mids, and treble, it will also let you make changes to your audio output. Various other settings may also be modified, including noise reduction, speech concentration, and a spatial noise canceler.

Access remote treatment: Even if you live in the next state along, or even in a different country, the myPhonak App allows you to reprogram your hearing aids with your hearing care provider from the comfort of your own home.


Phonak improves upon the hearing experience one step further with Phonak Audéo Paradise. The hearing aid will go a long way toward helping those with hearing loss be socially connected and flourish mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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