Hearing Testing & Evaluations

The Audiologists at Applied Hearing Solutions find that our high-level of patient treatment success is attributed to our multi-step Best Practice process which evaluates, educates, and determines the best treatment plan for your unique individual hearing needs. We begin with obtaining a detailed understanding of your hearing difficulties.

We highly recommend you bring your significant other, family member, or friend to your appointment to provide your doctor with an additional perspective of your hearing difficulties.

Following this initial discovery period, we will then perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation, designed to assess the type,  configuration, and severity of your hearing loss. The Audiologists at Applied Hearing Solutions are experts in performing a variety of specialized tests to  identify the cause of you hearing loss, and to determine what is necessary to help you hear your best.

Our 120 minute comprehensive hearing evaluation & consultation appointments  include a detailed discussion of your current medical history and full understanding of how your hearing loss is affecting your day to day life  A complete physical examination of your ear will allow us to  determine the health of your outer ear and identify if there is any earwax or foreign objects that must be removed before testing. Using our cutting-edge audiometric testing equipment  our audiologists will identify the sounds you have difficulty hearing and the sounds you can still hear well.

All of your test results will be discussed with you, in detail, in a way that is easy for you to understand.  We pride ourselves on extensive patient education, and by the time your hearing evaluation and consultation has concluded, you will be well-versed in your specific type of hearing loss and  your ideal treatment options. The audiologists at Applied Hearing Solutions follow a Person-Centered Care approach to hearing treatment & utilize a joint-decision making model where your input helps to drive the direction of your treatment.  

Getting To Know You

We treat every patient like they’re a member of our family and place your  wants, needs, & values at the top of our priority list. Understanding your lifestyle, occupation, recreational activities, and how they all relate to your hearing ability provides us with an important foundation. Before beginning your evaluation, our audiologists will discuss your medical history to learn about any past injuries or medication that may affect your hearing. Once we have gotten to know you and what brought you to our office, we begin with a visual examination of your ears.


Using a tool called an otoscope,  our audiologists will begin your hearing evaluation  By examining your outer ear. In order to be able to hear clearly, our ear canals must be free from blockages and our eardrums must be intact. We are also able to perform video otoscopy so you can see inside of your own ears! Our Auidologists also specialize in earwax removal using all of the most advanced eawax removal technology and techniques

Air Conduction Testing

The next step in your hearing evaluation will take place in a sound proof booth with either headphones or insert earphones.  Air Conduction testing uses audible “beep” sounds to determine your hearing thresholds, which are the softest level of sounds that you can barely hear, at different frequency ranges.  These are indicated on an Audiogram by the Blue X’s and Red O’s.

Bone Conduction Testing

Bone conduction testing is performed using a bone osscilator on your mastoid bone behind your ear.  This sends the vibration of sound directly through your skull into your inner ear, bypassing your outer and middle ear, to determine your Bone Conduction Thresholds. If there is a difference between your Air Conduction Thresholds and your Bone Conduction Thresholds, then it can indicate a specific type of hearing loss that may require medical treatment.


Tympanometry is a test to evaluate a variety of outer and middle ear conditions To perform this test, air will be pushed into your ear canal to measure the movement of your eardrum.  If there is a difference between your Air Conduction and Bone Conduction thresholds, this test will help you audiologist determine why.  

Speech Reception Thresholds And Word Recognition Testing

The next step in a comprehensive hearing evaluation is speech testing starting with Speech Reception Thresholds (SRTs). This is when you are presented with a series of 2 syllable words that decrease in volume.  The goal is to identify the softest level of speech, in decibels, that you can barely understand.  

After SRTs are determined, Word Recogntion Testing is completed.  Using recorded words, not live speech, you are presented with 1 syllable words at a fully audible level to determine your percentage of speech understanding.  The higher these percentages are, the better you are at comprehending speech, and the better you are expected to perform with hearing aids.  

Speech In Noise (SIN) Testing

Speech-in-Noise Testing is a commonly overlooked Best Practice test.  Your ability to understand speech in background noise, with and without hearing treatment, is something that can be measured.  SIN tests like the Quick-SIN is a terrific way to identify how much separation of speech is needed above the background noise before you can understand what someone is saying.  For your audiologist to optimize your ability to hear in backround noise, understanding your Speech-in-Noise score is critical.

What’s Next?

The first step is to reach out to our excellent patient care coordinators by calling our office at 602-877-0000 or emailing us.  They will take the time necessary to identify the proper type of appointment to schedule you for, and tell you what to expect.

Once you arrive, your audiologist will take you through a comprehensive hearing evaluation & consultation where all of your results will be explained in detail.  Following testing, your audiologist will discuss your treatment options where you will jointly decide the best treatment option that suits your unique hearing loss and your hearing priorities.

When you decide to pursue treatment, we will establish a structured care program to ensure our audiologists are able to optimize your hearing aid performance by following comprehensive Best Practice procedures.

Once we have you hearing your absolute best, we will ensure to pre-schedule you for several follow-up visits over the course of your first year to ensure you have ongoing success.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive hearing evaluation is a multi-step process conducted by an audiologist to assess the type, configuration, and severity of your hearing loss. It includes a detailed discussion of your medical history, physical examination of your ears, and specialized tests to identify the cause of your hearing loss.

Bringing a significant other, family member, or friend to your hearing evaluation can provide the audiologist with an additional perspective on your hearing difficulties. They can offer insights into how your hearing loss affects your day-to-day life, helping the audiologist determine the best treatment plan for your unique needs.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation may include otoscopy (examination of the outer ear), air conduction testing (determining hearing thresholds with headphones or insert earphones), bone conduction testing (assessing bone conduction thresholds), and tympanometry (evaluating outer and middle ear conditions).

A comprehensive hearing evaluation and consultation appointment usually lasts around 120 minutes. This allows for a detailed discussion of your medical history, a thorough examination of your ears, and the completion of specialized tests to assess your hearing.

Yes, our audiologists specialize in video otoscopy, which allows you to see inside your own ears during the evaluation. This can provide you with a better understanding of any blockages, earwax, or foreign objects that may need to be addressed before proceeding with further testing or treatment.

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