Optimize your Hearing Aid Performance or Protect your Hearing with a custom earmold or earplug

If you're seeking solutions to protect your hearing from loud noise exposure or enhance your hearing aid experience, custom molded earplugs and earmolds are an excellent choice. A single exposure to a loud sound can cause permanent damage to your hearing, and many everyday noises are much louder than what our ears can handle comfortably. With over 15% of Americans experiencing irreversible noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), it's clear that we need more education on how to protect our hearing regularly, as well as how to optimize the use of hearing aids with custom earmolds.

Custom earplugs for hearing protection are reusable and equipped with different noise filters to reduce damaging levels of sound to a safe level, without destroying your ability to understand speech or appreciate music. This preventative approach aligns with the popular saying, "prevention is the best medicine," which couldn't be more true when it comes to hearing loss. Sounds from lawn mowers and gunshots to blow dryers, garbage trucks, and more can all measure well beyond 85 decibels, the threshold at which our ears can comfortably process sounds. This firsthand knowledge of the impact that loud sounds can have on our hearing is why we are strong advocates for preventing hearing loss before it begins. Our patients find they have the most success when using custom earplugs or earmolds, as these devices are comfortable and protect your hearing during a wide range of activities.

Custom earmolds for hearing aids can significantly improve the user's hearing experience. They are designed to fit perfectly into the individual's ear, providing a comfortable and secure fit, which can enhance the performance of the hearing aid. The precise fit of custom earmolds can help reduce feedback, provide better sound directionality, and improve the overall sound quality. They can be particularly beneficial for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

Whether you’re in law enforcement, often around industrial equipment, or enjoy recreational hunting or swimming, custom earplugs and earmolds can make a significant difference in your ability to hear for years to come.At Applied Hearing Solutions, we partner with a variety of manufacturers, including SoundGear, to bring you options that meet your specific needs.

Whether you need perfectly fitting custom earmolds for your hearing aids or custom molded earplugs, we can help. Unlike most clinics that still inject your ears with a silicone putty, we use the most cutting-edge digital 3D ear scanning equipment, called Otoscan, which uses lasers to precisely map the contours of your ear canal for a perfectly fitting earpiece. Once your Custom Hearing Aid Earmolds or Custom Earplugs are made, our Audiologists will confirm that they are comfortable and fit your ears properly for optimal performance.

Contact Applied Hearing Solutions to learn more about how to protect your hearing and which devices may be right for you.

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