The Importance of Real Ear Measurements

The vast majority of professionally fit hearing aids are programmed at First-Fit Manufacturer settings.  First-Fit settings are essentially a guess about how much amplification you need to overcome your hearing loss.  Unfortunately, your hearing performance will suffer significantly if this is the approach taken to program your hearing aids.

If you truly want to hear your absolute best with your hearing aids, then you need your hearing aid programmed using Real Ear Measurement.  Real Ear Measurement (REM) is a verification method performed by our Doctors of Audiology to ensue that you are meeting your hearing loss prescription for the amount of amplification needed to overcome your hearing loss.

To perform REM, our Audiologists will place probe microphone tubes inside of your ears to measure the amount of amplification you are receiving from your hearing aids.  The will then adjust the Manufacturer programming software to precisely match your prescriptive targets.  

Individuals who have their hearing aid programming verified with Real Ear Measurement, not only perceive better sound quality, but they also understand speech significantly better in quiet and background noise.  

Real Ear Measurement is one of many Best Practice procedures provided at Applied Hearing Solutions that yield treatment success rates significantly above the industry average.  

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"What an amazing experience! I’ve never had a more thorough exam and fitting. (...) I highly recommend Applied Hearing Solutions"

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