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Resound One

The new Resound ONE has a new shape and a revolutionary new microphone design and placement, called the Microphone & Receiver in Ear (M&RIE). This new style makes for a more natural sound and helps the wearer with sound quality and localization.

UPDATE: This product has been replaced by the Resound Omnia hearing aid.

Resound One

The Danish company ReSound has a history of innovation. In 2014, their ReSound LiNX was the world's first Made for iPhone hearing aid. Truly groundbreaking at the time, the LiNX connected directly to Bluetooth devices without the need for additional streaming devices. The ReSound One is part of an exciting new line of hearing aids to replace the LiNX line.

The ReSound ONE

The ReSound ONE comes in three models. There is a size 312 battery version, which is the smallest, a lithium-ion rechargeable version, and a size 13 battery version, which is the largest. A Telecoil is also included in the size 13 battery version.

How it looks

Compared to the LiNX, The ONE has a new shape and a revolutionary new microphone design and placement, and a push-button that is easier to handle. They also have a new color lineup. ReSound has decided to match hair and skin tones with the ReSound ONE instead of continuing with the colorful reds, blues, and camouflage colors of previous models.

M&RIE receivers

M&RIE stands for Microphone and Receiver In-ear. It combines the two traditional microphones with a third that sits discreetly within the ear canal. This uses the ear's unique shape to gather sound more naturally, made possible by the brand new ReSound ONE 9 sound processing chip-set, a feedback management system, and DFS Ultra Ill.

What are the advantages of placing a microphone inside your ear canal on the back of a receiver? It all has to do with 'the pinna effect.' What you can see of your ear is your pinna. In hearing, this plays an important role. Not only does it increase some sound for you, but it helps you to identify where that sound comes from - this is known as localization. Not only that, but it also can help you hear in background noise a little bit better. This additional microphone makes for a more natural sound and helps the user to understand the sounds around them.

Cutting-edge rechargeable technology

ReSound ONE is available in models that are both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

To get a full charge on your devices, the rechargeable options take around three hours, and this will give you 30 hours of battery life, but it will also give you up to 25 hours of streaming time. This means that you should never run out of the battery with this hearing aid if you charge it every night.

The charger for the ReSound ONE uses inductive charging, so you don't have to connect to any metal battery contacts as you need to with regular charging.

Size 312 and size 13 batteries are used in the non-rechargeable options.

Ready for the latest Bluetooth technology

The ReSound ONE will also be compatible with the new standard for Bluetooth (LE Audio), released in the next year or two. For now, you can stream any audio straight from an Android or Apple computer, from music to phone calls, with the current Bluetooth capabilities on the ReSound ONE.

Reprogram your hearing aids from the comfort of your home

You can have your hearing aids remotely programmed by your hearing care professional in two ways with ReSound ONE:

  • Asynchronously: Programming adjustments are made by your hearing professional and sent to your smartphone so that you can upload those settings to your hearing aids.
  • Synchronously: Through live support in your Smart 3D App, you can establish a live connection to your hearing specialist. In real-time, they then make modifications to your hearing aid programming.

All Access Directionality

Based on the environment in which you are, this unique feature changes your microphone settings.

Whatever hearing aid has the best signal to noise ratio with using a more omnidirectional approach. However, to decrease the amount of background noise coming into your ear, the ear with the worst signal to noise ratio will go into directional mode.

All Access Directionality offers an improvement of two decibels to your signal-to-noise ratio, above what you could get with the LiNX Quattro devices. This will help you hear better in background noise.

Ultra Focus

ReSound has also added a new program called Ultra focus for the most challenging listening situations. Ultra focus uses a very narrow pickup range so that wherever your head turns, that's where the sound will come from. This will enhance your ability to understand speech in a situation of background noise by up to 30 percent above and beyond what you can get from all directional access.

The ReSound ONE is an excellent piece of technology for hearing aids that opens up the world of possibilities for users of hearing aids, particularly if you want to use your ear anatomy to help you hear better.

Just remember, however, it doesn't matter how useful your hearing aids are unless they are fitted by a hearing care professional using best practices. Look for a professional that uses Real Ear Measurements for the absolute best experience with your hearing aids.

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