Best Practice Hearing Aid Fittings

Ensuring that you hear your absolute best with your new or existing hearing aids requires a commitment of time and attention to detail. At Applied Hearing Solutions, our Doctors of Audiology are committed to following research-backed best practices with extreme precision to ensure you receive the optimal amount of benefit from your hearing aids.

The process of improving your hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation by our audiologists. You may decide, based on this evaluation, that hearing aids are the right solution for you. Our proprietary 45-day Best Practice Fitting includes a very structured 4-appointment sequence so you and your audiologist have enough time to collaborate together as you solve your hearing difficulties. This period of fitting and programming is perhaps the most crucial series of appointments you will have with our Audiologists. Given the varied effects of hearing loss on individuals, it takes extreme precision and accuracy to program your hearing aids precisely for your needs.

Programming hearing aids should not be guesswork. By utilizing Real Ear Measurement, our Audiologists are able to verify that your hearing aids are programmed exactly to your hearing loss prescription. When combined with your feedback, we are able to maximize every aspect of your treatment. This approach helps us ensure an incredibly high rate of success with treatment.

By the end of your 45-Day Best Practice Fitting sequence, you will know exactly how well you will hear with your hearing aids, because we measure and verify every aspect of your hearing treatment. Our goal is to help you enjoy the highest quality, consistent hearing for years from your hearing devices.

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"What an amazing experience! I’ve never had a more thorough exam and fitting. (...) I highly recommend Applied Hearing Solutions"

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