Real Ear Measurement

Perhaps the single most important procedure that could ever be performed on you and your hearing aids is Real Ear Measurement. Real Ear Measures, or Real Ear Verification, is the only way to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed correctly to your hearing loss prescription. Without using Real Ear Measurement, fitting a hearing aid is complete guesswork. Dr. Olson is one of less than 30% of hearing care providers that uses Real Ear Measures when programming hearing aids.

Even if you have hearing aids from another clinic, Dr. Olson can perform Real Ear Measures on your current devices to see how they can be programmed better. This is just one more way that Dr. Olson can maximize your performance with hearing aids.

If you want a more detailed understanding of Real Ear Measures, make sure to watch the video: “A Hearing Aid MUST Watch!”

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