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Phonak Lumity

The most pressing need of those who need hearing aids is to be able to hear better in noise. You may have experienced this yourself: you're at a party or restaurant and can't hear what the person next to you is saying because there are so many other conversations around you. That's why Phonak has gone back to the drawing board with the Phonak Lumity.

Phonak Lumity

The Lumity boasts AutoSense 5.0, making it easier to understand speech even in noisy places like restaurants, parties, or lectures. Machine learning is used to teach this operating system how to recognize different sound environments. This means that wherever you go, Artificial intelligence figures out the environment you ate in and changes the sound to match.

The directional microphone technology from Phonak is called StereoZoom 2.0. This feature is meant to focus the microphones of the hearing aids forward when the user is in a noisy place so that they can hear what they are looking at. Because the beamformer adapts to the noise around the user, it turns on more slowly, gradually, and smoothly. When you compre this to the fixed direction settings in previous versions of StereoZoom, this makes it 16% easier to understand speech.

SpeechSensor detects speech from all directions. It does this by sensing your surroundings for speech and making it easier for you to hear speech from the back and sides. It is a feature that automatically finds the primary source of speech and changes the hearing aid's microphone settings so that you can hear more speech from behind and to the side. SpeechSensor makes it easier to understand speech from the side and back by about 15%.


  • Every 0.4 seconds, AutoSense OS 5.0 listens to the sounds around you and adjusts more than 200 settings to match your exact sound environment.
  • Uses StereoZoom 2.0, Phonak's directional microphone technology. Phonak SpeechSensor lets you hear 360 degrees and makes it 15% easier to understand people behind you when they talk.
  • You can connect to up to eight devices simultaneously via Bluetooth.
  • Nanotechnology enables the Lumity can be submerged in 1.5 feet of fresh, salt, or pool water.
  • Rechargeable versions have 16 hours of power on a single charge; a 15-minute charge gives you three more hours of power.
  • With the myPhonak app, you can control your hearing aids and keep track of your health information.

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