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Starkey Livio

Hear conversations more clearly and with less effort in all environments — even when people are wearing face masks — and enjoy reliable streaming performance with the new Starkey Livio hearing aids. UPDATE: The latest hearing aids from Starkey are the Genesis hearing aids.

Starkey Livio

[UPDATE - Starkey Livio has been replaced by Starkey Evolv]

Starkey is a Minnesota-based hearing aid manufacturer with offices around the world. Passionate about connecting people and changing lives through healthy listening, their newest iteration is the innovative Starkey Livio AI.

Starkey Livio AI

Released in early 2020, the Starkey Livio AI range features a 2.4 GHz lithium-ion ITC (in-the-canal) and an ITE (in-the-ear) custom rechargeable hearing aid. It comes in the following technology levels: 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400.

Artificial Intelligence

We often hear about Artificial intelligence in several industries, but what use does it have in hearing aid technology? Starkey's AI technology is designed to learn about you and adapt to you, becoming intuitive to your hearing needs and requirements. These hearing aids start "learning" about the places you want to go and the sounds you want to listen to with their AI technology.

When you move around during the day, the systems will automatically adapt to your ideal preferences. For instance, when you step into your gym, the AI can automatically recognize and adapt to the correct settings. The AI technology will then change the settings on your hearing aids as you leave and drive home. The more you wear them, the more they understand about you, and the better they adapt to you, effortlessly.

Hearing Reality

This brand-new technology is a first in the hearing aid industry. Hearing Reality uses high-speed, high-definition software processing to manage and isolate sound to reproduce natural hearing better. The new Hearing Reality technology offers an average 50 percent reduction of listening effort and improved speech comprehension in noisy settings.

Healthable technology

Proving they operate at the forefront of hearing aid technology, the Starkey Livio AI boasts advanced sensors.

  • The first sensor is an accelerometer capable of monitoring motion and activity.
  • The second sensor is a gyroscope that mimics the vestibular system's work, which is a system within the ear that helps your balance and spatial orientation. This allows body position to be monitored based on the direction and speed of head movement.

What features do these sensors support?

  • Body Tracking: It has been proven that monitoring steps and motion help us to keep active. Monitor your activity with the Starkey Livio AI.
  • Brain Tracking: The Starkey Livio AI provides you with input on your cognitive health with a regular Brain Score assessment using sensors and artificial intelligence.
  • Fall Alert: Using the Thrive Hearing Control app, this feature allows you to send warnings to close personal contacts when you have experienced a fall
  • Better tracking accuracy: For tracking health and fitness results, the ear is much better than the wrist.

The Thrive App

The Thrive Hearing Control app offers several powerful, easy-to-use features that will expand the benefits you get from the Livio AI.

  • Complete control: To give you full control of your hearing aids, the Thrive Hearing Control software allows you to change settings quickly, adjust volume easily, set personalized settings, and stream music or phone calls with the click of a button.
  • Transcribe closed captioning: Transcribe conversations and display them on your mobile screen.
  • Telehealth Remote Programming: Without needing to visit the hearing center, your audiologist can directly send programming changes to your hearing aids through the app.

Other features

Livio AI hearing aids also leverage the power of Bluetooth. You can stream music, movies, or phone calls from any compatible device straight to the hearing aids. Whether your device is Apple or Android, it will work with the Starkey Livio AI hearing aids.

Starkey recently added a 'Mask Mode' to combat a typical hearing aid issue many have experienced during the pandemic. This custom memory enhances frequencies to make it easier for you to hear people wearing face masks.

Starkey Livio Edge AI

The Livio Edge AI (another name for the Starkey Livio 2400 model) has features that the other models do not have, such as the "Edge Mode." In the most challenging listening conditions, the Edge Mode uses AI technology to enhance speech comprehension with only a touch, even when the speakers are wearing face masks or social distancing.

Patients who select either RIC 312 or BTE for the Livio AI 2400 can enjoy all the features mentioned on this page, including Edge Mode.

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