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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Many of today's hearing aids have features feature Bluetooth technology to help you connect to your favorite devices.

Read About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Today's hearing aid technology is moving at a remarkable rate, and consumers of hearing aids stand to reap the benefits. One of the more recent developments is Bluetooth technology, and this can help improve accessibility and quality of life for the 32 million Americans living with hearing loss.

What exactly is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform that transmits data between electronic devices using bands of high-frequency radio waves. You might already be familiar with it as it is already on your smartphone, laptop, and even your television.

Hearing aids compatible with Bluetooth allow users to connect their hearing aids to their smartphones, TVs, or tablets and transmit that sound directly to their hearing aids. This means that you can watch a film on your laptop, listen to your favorite songs or take a call with the audio going directly into your ears.

The changing nature of Bluetooth hearing aids

When people think of Bluetooth, they think of direct wireless connectivity between two devices. But when it comes to hearing aids, it was only a few years ago that you still needed a third device.

The only way to get Bluetooth to your hearing aid was by using a separate device called a streamer'. This is a gadget that looks like a small remote control that you wear around your neck. It works by picking up and sending the Bluetooth signal back to your hearing aids via an FM signal from your phone or another Bluetooth unit.

However, with more hearing aid manufacturers focusing on direct-connectivity Bluetooth hearing aids, Bluetooth streamers are increasingly becoming obsolete. There are now two ways you can directly link to a hearing aid, no streamer necessary:

  • Made for iPhone hearing aids: These devices can connect directly to iPhones and iPads without using an intermediate streamer.
  • Made for any phone hearing aids: These devices can connect to any Bluetooth-connected cell phone, including Android. Some of the hearing aid models with this functionality are the Phonak Lumity, Oticon Real, Starkey Genesis and Resound Omnia hearing aids.

Why you might benefit from Bluetooth hearing aids

Better sound quality

Bluetooth signals are robust, accurate, and stable. You will experience much better sound quality using Bluetooth to stream content rather than listening to that same content through a speaker. Since you can direct audio to your ears, you can focus precisely on what you want to hear. So make sure you are connected to Bluetooth the next time you take a video call with your extended family!

Seamless transitions between your content and your sound environment

Bluetooth allows you to switch effortlessly, from amplifying the sounds in your room to streaming the sound of a caller's voice directly into your ears when you get a call. The technology knows that a call is coming through and might even allow you to answer the phone using voice commands, depending on your hearing aid model. Plus, you'll never miss a call because the incoming call's ringtone is sent directly to your Bluetooth hearing aids.

Bluetooth is everywhere

Bluetooth technology is not only helpful for taking incoming calls and streaming with your smartphone - but you can also use it on other devices around your home, from your laptop to your TV to even your doorbell! Imagine getting the sound of the doorbell streamed straight to your ear - you will never miss a package delivery ever again.

The convenience of remote control

Bluetooth hearing aids are often controlled remotely through a smartphone app. You can switch between programs, change the settings, and adjust the volume from the palm of your hand. This is not only more convenient than fiddling with tiny buttons on the outside of your hearing aids, but it also makes more discreet adjustments possible - no one around you will know you are doing so.

Bluetooth: The Bottom Line

Bluetooth technology can open up a world of possibilities for users of hearing aids. The technology is already proving to be a game-changer and is expected to improve accessibility for those with hearing loss in the future.

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