Oticon Real and Starkey Genesis are now available in Phoenix!

Today we're thrilled to introduce two new products that have just hit the market: the Oticon Real and the Starkey Genesis.

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As a hearing practice, we're always on the hunt for the latest and greatest advancements in hearing aid technology. Today we're thrilled to introduce two new products that have just hit the market: the Oticon Real and the Starkey Genesis

Let's look at these two new product lines in more detail.

Oticon Real 

For those who wear hearing aids, everyday background sounds can pose challenges to understanding others. Traditional hearing aid technology can't always handle these sounds, and the individual must often spend effort focusing when engaging in social situations.

Introducing RealSound Technology™

Oticon Real offers a new approach to distracting sounds with RealSound Technology, which effectively manages these distracting sounds. This technology features two innovations - Wind & Handling Stabilizer and SuddenSound Stabilizer - to process complex, unpredictable sounds quickly and accurately. This ensures that the user hears these sounds without them being intrusive while speech and other surrounding sounds remain clear.

The return of the Deep Neural Network (DNN) 

Oticon Real offers a hearing aid designed to work harmoniously with your brain, drawing on its own learning experiences. This device utilizes Oticon's unique Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, enabling it to recognize various types of sounds, their intricacies, and their ideal auditory qualities. As a result, it can rapidly adapt to changing environments, ensuring you perform at your best in any situation.

Oticon Real provides improved access to speech and outstanding speech clarity, allowing you to participate in conversations with greater awareness, focus, and control. It's even proven to enhance speech clarity in windy conditions.

Real-life testing demonstrates that Oticon Real significantly reduces listening effort, even in noisy situations.

Loaded with Extras

The Oticon Companion app provides an all-in-one solution that allows users to easily control and personalize their hearing aids, locate them if misplaced, manage connected devices, and even receive remote counseling from their hearing care professionals.

For seamless communication, users can make hands-free phone and video calls with their iPhone and iPad, using their hearing aids as wireless headsets. High-quality streaming is available directly from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and select Android devices. Additionally, with Oticon's TV Adapter, users can stream sound now from their TVs, and by using the ConnectClip, they can wirelessly stream someone's voice to their hearing aids.

The award-winning SmartCharger provides the freedom to recharge hearing aids on the go, thanks to its built-in power bank. It fully charges hearing aids in three hours, ensuring they last throughout the day. A quick 30-minute charge provides an additional six hours of power. The sleek case also keeps hearing aids dry and safe when not in use.

Oticon also offers a stylish desktop charger for everyday convenience. Users can place their hearing aids in the charger at night and wake up to a fully charged device ready for the day. Finally, Oticon Real hearing aids boast discreet and elegant designs, available in rechargeable and disposable battery options and nine colors. 

Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey, the global leader in hearing technology, has redefined the future of hearing health with the unveiling of Genesis AI. This unprecedented hearing system is already making waves with its all-new processor, sound, design, fitting software, and patient experience.

Starkey Neuro Processor

The Starkey Neuro Processor is one of the most advanced processor technologies on the market, featuring a Deep Neural Network (DNN) on-chip accelerator and automatic functions that mimic the role of the central auditory system. It is the smallest processor ever by Starkey and also the most powerful, with 6x more transistors. And with up to 4x faster operation than previous processors and significantly higher processing, it delivers exceptional performance levels that are unlike anything else in the industry.

Starkey's new Neuro Sound Technology provides the best hearing experience for patients in all situations. Neuro Sound Technology combines slow and fast compression systems to make sounds clearer and easier to understand. It's like how the brain uses different fibers to process information. Patients can enjoy better sound quality with improved performance levels and double the battery life.

A revamped Patient Experience

Patients using the Starkey Genesis AI can fully control their hearing aids, receive helpful tips, track their health, and access intelligent features to simplify their lives.

Starkey also leads the industry in incorporating health and wellness features into hearing aids, including being the first to integrate 3D sensors, count steps, track and encourage social engagement, and provide benefits beyond just better hearing. They also pioneered the technology to make hearing aids that detect falls and send alerts.

Great Connectivity

With Genesis AI's improved streaming capabilities utilizing binaural phone streaming, patients can enjoy two-way, hands-free calling through compatible Apple and Android devices, with information shared directly and simultaneously to both ears. And for music lovers, the new technology ensures more natural results while listening to music, providing an unparalleled listening experience.

Genesis AI features an all-new sleek, discreet, and stylish product design that's durable and comfortable product design for all-day wear. It comes in a RIC RT style. - this is the industry's longest-lasting RIC rechargeable hearing aid on the market, with up to 51 hours on a single charge. 


The Oticon Real and Starkey Genesis are cutting-edge hearing aids that promise unparalleled sound quality and improved user experience. Our Audiologists can't wait to start demonstrating their capabilities to our patients at Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix. 

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Dr. Cliff Olson
Founder & Audiologist
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Dr. Cliff Olson is an Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. A former Marine Corps Scout Sniper, he left the military to earn his Audiology doctoral degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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