Redux - Hearing Aid Drying Reinvented

July 10, 2022

Redux - Hearing Aid Drying Reinvented

Hearing Aids and Moisture

Audiologists and most current hearing aid wearers know that moisture is a hearing aid's worst enemy. Like many other electronic devices, excess moisture from sweat, rain and other elements can stop hearing aids from working properly over time. Typically, the higher the ambient temperature and relative humidity, the shorter the operating life of any electronic device.

With hearing aids, more than 60% of out-of-warranty repairs are said to be caused by moisture damage. Once moisture damage has occurred, the hearing aids may get weak, distorted or fail to turn on or amplify sound altogether. With the heat we endure during summers here in the Valley of the Sun, it's no surprise that hearing aid repairs due to moisture damage are common.

There have been manufacturing innovations that have helped some, like moisture repelling nano-coating around the hearing aids and sealing around the case, but moisture still eventually impacts the function of a large number of hearing aids. That is why we now use Redux commercial-grade hearing aid driers at Applied Hearing Solutions.

Redux Hearing Aid Conditioning in Phoenix

The Redux dryer removes air pressure from your hearing aids through a patented vacuum system, which also ensures that any remaining moisture will evaporate during the procedure. Redux is a safe, effective and proven solution to keep your hearing aids functioning better as they age.

"It would be nearly impossible for our clinic to service our patients without Redux in this hot, Arizona sun. We use this treatment to provide better care and long-term performance for our hearing aid patients" - Cliff Olson, Audiologist and co-owner of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix.
Redux Hearing Aid Drying and Cleaning

How Does Redux Work?

Redux uses vacuum drying and humidity sensors for safe evaporation of moisture in your hearing aids. The benefits of Redux include speed, safety, moisture measurement, and maximum dryness.

In short, the Redux machine:

  • Dries hearing aids (and other tech products) in about 15 minutes
  • Combines vacuum drying with humidity measurement to vaporize liquid at a temperature that is safe for the device
  • Provides a measurement of the moisture removed during the reconditioning process and reports the total amount upon completion

Some Redux Cleaning Statistics

Based on 20,000 devices treated with drying treatments, hearing care practices using this system reported the following outcomes:

  • Dead Hearing Aid Improved: 50%
  • Weak Hearing Aid Improved: 83%
  • Good Hearing Aid Improved: 80%
  • Total Hearing Aid Improvement: 77%

In addition, these treatments removed an average of 98% of the hearing aids moisture during the drying cycles.
It's important to note that these statistics are made up of treatments on hearing aids, implant devices and other hearables like earbuds.

Want to learn more about the Redux hearing aid drying system or have questions about the process? Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Audiologists at Applied Hearing Solutions.

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