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Widex Moment

The Moment tackles one of the industry's most significant unsolved problems that leads to this sound: the delay-based distortion, which leaves many listeners with an unnatural, unsatisfying, and demotivating listening experience.

Widex Moment

Widex's mission is to produce the best-sounding hearing aids, period. Widex designs develop and manufacture hearing aids with the needs of its customers in mind, and they continue to pioneer innovative hearing technology. Widex aspires to provide superior hearing health care solutions worldwide because they are passionate about their efforts to help people hear better. For instance, Widex was the first company to create a digital hearing aid for in-the-ear use. Their efforts led to a European Inventor Award in 2012 for their hearing device research and innovation.

The Widex Moment is the company's newest hearing aid series, released in 2020. Though traditional hearing aids have achieved significant advances in speech intelligibility, noise reduction, and more, the actual sound of hearing aids has never been perfectly natural, leading to skepticism about the benefits. The Moment tackles one of the industry's most significant unsolved problems that leads to this sound: the delay-based distortion, which leaves many listeners with an unnatural, unsatisfying, and demotivating listening experience.

Moment Features and Technology

With the Moment, Widex has produced the world's first and only artificially intelligent hearing aid that learns how individuals want to hear and adjust their sound experience to give a more personalized sound.

ZeroDelay technology gives you a more natural sound. This technology cuts the microphone and receiver processing time to less than 0.5 milliseconds, breaking industry standards. The input is then combined into a single pure, smooth sound experience which guarantees that the sound is natural and crystal-clear. Widex claims that this 'Puresound' is preferred by 60 percent of listeners compared to the sound of previous Widex hearing aids. Widex's distinctive True-Input Technology also decreases peak-clipping and decreases distortion at the analog-to-digital converter.

You get rechargeable power in a tiny package. The rechargeable version of the Widex Moment is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable RIC on the market. The Moment has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 16 hours on a full charge and four hours on a 30-minute charge. Each hearing aid is inserted into a slot on the charging module. It connects to a wall charger using a USB-C to USB-A cable. When you take the hearing aids out of the charging module, they immediately turn on.

You get more weather protection. In addition to achieving a small hearing aid size, the rechargeable lithium-ion version of the Widex Moment also protects against moisture. Lithium-ion batteries require sealed battery doors, which means interior components are less vulnerable to moisture. Less corrosion equals greater longevity. You'll also benefit from water-resistant nano-coating and longer-lasting microphones.

Enjoy Bluetooth streaming from iOS devices. The Widex Moment may be used as a hearing aid and as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to listen to music and podcasts and make phone calls through the hearing aids, exactly like earphones. However, for the time being, the Moment can only stream from iOS devices.

Features of the App

The Widex Moment app is available for Apple or Android smartphones and allows users to control their hearing aid fully.

●      Directional focus: You can select to focus on sound coming from the front, back, left, or right with directional focus.

●      SoundSense Learn: SoundSense Learn is a tool that employs artificial intelligence to direct you to a  sound meant for your needs. The Widex Artificial Intelligence engine inside the Moment analyzes user preferences obtained via SoundSense Learn. As a result, SoundSense Learn creates the custom sound you want in real-time with just a few sound profile settings.

A companion app for Widex Remote Care is also available. Widex presently provides the most extensive remote care on the market, allowing your audiologist to perform all of the same changes to your hearing aids as they would in their clinic. You can explain your hearing difficulties in the privacy of your own home or wherever it is most convenient for you. Fit fine-tuning into your hectic schedule and save time by skipping the hearing aid office.

Accessories for the Widex Moment

Widex Moment is compatible with a variety of accessories: 

●      TV-Play: Plug this gadget into your TV/Stereo, and the sound will be streamed directly to your hearing aids.

●      DEX: A collection of accessories that connect your hearing aids to smartphones and other audio devices.

●      COM-DEX: An audio streaming device that links to most mobile phones and Bluetooth devices.

●      RC-DEX: A Remote Mic – Stream clear sound from up to 25meters away with this remote microphone.

The Widex Moment series of hearing instruments come in four technological levels and several colors, allowing you to customize your hearing instrument to fit your lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget.

Widex SmartRIC

The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid represents the pinnacle of technology, crafted to enrich natural auditory experiences and elevate the overall quality of life for its wearers. Distinguished by its innovative L-shaped design, it positions higher on the ear to ensure clear communication even amidst bustling surroundings. Boasting an impressive battery life lasting up to 37 hours and supported by a portable charger capable of over a week's worth of on-the-go charging, the SmartRIC prioritizes all-day comfort and convenience. Its microphone covers are intricately engineered to diminish wind noise and other disturbances, delivering an unparalleled auditory journey. Available in an array of five vibrant colors, the SmartRIC seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with practical functionality, offering a chic and efficient solution for individuals seeking to enhance their hearing abilities.

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