Review of the Hearing Aid Battery Chargers

July 23, 2022

Review of the Hearing Aid Battery Chargers

Hearing aids, like smartphones, have advanced to the point that they easily slot into our daily lifestyles. A large part of that is due to the emergence of rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable technology isn't anything new, even for hearing aids, having been around for more than a decade. But previous iterations of rechargeable technology never held a charge for very long.

The invention and production of a smaller lithium-ion battery was the catalyst for the recent explosion in quality rechargeable hearing aids. This tiny battery can power hearing aids considerably longer with just one charge. This long battery life translates to higher efficiency, which has several benefits.

With this development, a slew of hearing aid chargers have entered the market. But which one is right for you? Let's take a look at some of the best hearing aid chargers out there.

The best chargers for hearing aids

Widex Charge and Clean

Widex Charge n Clean helps you take better care of your rechargeable hearing aids.

This is a three-in-one charge with the following benefits:

Charging: Temperature control ensures the best possible battery performance during the charging process. A 4-hour charge is required for full-day use, and for 4-hour hearing aid use, only a 30-minute charge is required.
Cleaning: The UV-C LED treatment kills up to 99.99 percent of germs, yeast, and viruses, thanks to six germicidal LEDs.
Drying: two blowers and a heating device combine to provide active and regulated dehumidification of your Widex hearing aids.

Oticon Smart Charger

The user-friendly Smart Charger can charge your hearing aids while attached to a power supply or on the go with its power bank. Its protective lid keeps your hearing aids safe and quickly dries any moisture accumulated inside them.

When you insert your hearing aids in the charger ports, the intelligent charger uses heat from inductive charging to dry them. The drying process begins when you set your hearing aids in the charger ports and turn on the charger.

Only the Oticon More miniRITE R and Oticon CROS PX lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids are compatible with the Oticon Smart Charger.

Signia Dry&Clean Charger

The Dry&Clean Charger is the pinnacle of cutting-edge charging technology, as it not only charges your hearing aids but also cleans and dries them using UVC technology to keep them in top shape.

When the hearing aids are placed inside, the UVC cleaning begins automatically and takes only 15 minutes to complete. Three LED lights indicate the charging state of each hearing aid, with an additional LED indicating the cleaning status.

The cover of the Dry&Clean Charger ensures that the hearing aids are cleaned and stored correctly.

ReSound One Premium Charger

With a single 3-hour charge, the ReSound ONE provides industry-leading rechargeability, lasting up to 30 hours of power or up to 25 hours with streaming. The Premium Charger has an inbuilt battery that allows you to charge your phone for up to three days without needing to plug it in.

A smaller Standard Charger is also available, providing the power you need in a more straightforward design. The ReSound Smart 3D app allows you to check the status of your rechargeable ReSound ONE hearing aids at any time.

Phonak Charge and Care

Phonak Charge and Care is a charging case that serves as a drying (with vented air) and cleaning (with UV-C light) device, ensuring that your hearing aids continue to work at their best.

Phonak Charge and Care uses an automatic cleaning, drying, and charging process that starts with a single button push on the case's front.

UV-C light therapy from integrated lights inside the case disinfects the surfaces of the inserted hearing instruments during the cleaning procedure. This procedure takes four minutes.

The charger is aerated with vented air for two hours, eliminating moisture from the hearing instruments and charging chamber. This procedure takes two hours.

The charging procedure runs concurrently with the cleaning and drying processes. It takes only three hours to fully charge a Phonak rechargeable hearing aid from 0 to 100%.

Starkey Recharger

Made for Starkey Livio and Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids, this is an all-in-one charger that retains enough energy to offer cable-free charging three times over without plugging into the wall. When not in use, its slim, easy-to-use, and easy-open charger container can transport and store your hearing aids wherever you go.

On a full charge, the Starkey Livio can last up to 24 hours with 1 hour of streaming or 22 hours with 4 hours of streaming. The rechargeable Livio AI hearing aid has Starkey's most modern technology and superior sound quality and features tailored to your specific hearing requirements.

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