6 Reasons to Choose Applied Hearing Solutions

You might be overwhelmed when it comes to your hearing healthcare options in Phoenix, AZ, but here are 6 reasons why we think you should choose Applied Hearing Solutions.

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You might be overwhelmed when it comes to your hearing healthcare options in Phoenix, AZ, but here’s why we think you should choose us. 

Reason #1: We are a leading hearing health authority on Youtube.

With tens of millions of video views and over a hundred thousand subscribers, It’s safe to say that we’re one of the most authoritative sources for hearing health advice on Youtube, the world’s biggest video-sharing platform. Presented by our very own Dr Cliff AuD YouTube channel, thousands of people watch our videos every week on a range of topics, from the latest hearing aids to earwax removal. 

Reason #2: We set the standards others follow with Dr. Cliff AuD's Approved Provider Network. 

You may have heard of Dr. Cliff AuD's Best Practice Pro Network. The providers in this network have agreed to adopt Dr. Cliff AuD's Best Practice Checklists and many other guidelines to ensure that the best interests of people with hearing loss are considered. The network now includes over a hundred providers around the country, and it is still growing. We started this network, and it drives our hearing care to this day. We stick to best practice practices for our own hearing care too.

Reason #3: We are Doctors of Audiology

Audiologists are doctors who specialize in detecting and treating hearing and balance disorders. They're required to have a Master's degree from an accredited institution. Some, including ourselves, even have a Doctorate in Audiology. As part of their certification requirements, audiologists must continue education to keep up with the latest research. We are accredited by national organizations such as the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Not all of those who fit hearing aids are audiologists - many are hearing instrument specialists, which is an important distinction. 

The main difference between an Audiologist and a Hearing Instrument Specialist is that the latter only need a high school diploma or a two-year degree and are only licensed to dispense hearing aids. On the other hand, audiologists have an advanced degree in the field. We are prepared to handle a broader range of hearing-related problems.

Reason #4: We use Real Ear Measurements (REM)

We take pride in providing excellent patient care and paying close attention to the smallest details. It's so important for us to practice audiology according to best practice methods, and using evidence-based methods is at the core of this philosophy. The industry gold standard for hearing aid fittings is Real-Ear Measurements, also known as probe microphone measurements. It's used to see if a hearing aid user is getting the same amount of amplification they need at every frequency to get the best hearing boost possible.

Despite the obvious benefits, this practice is used by just 40% of hearing providers. That means just four out of every ten audiologists and hearing aid dispensers in the United States use this technology. 

Reason #5: We're experienced in Telehealth

It's challenging to keep track of your hearing loss — and it's much more difficult when you can't see your hearing specialist. Nobody could have expected the magnitude of COVID-19's effect on our healthcare just a few months ago. That is why we have decided to go all-in on remote hearing care. Like a regular office visit, our Telehealth services allow you to see, hear and have a discussion with one of our hearing experts. Regardless of where you are, you can receive hearing aid adjustments and treatment.

Reprogramming hearing aids is an essential aspect of what we do. According to a new study of hearing care professionals, reprogramming sessions account for more than a quarter of patient follow-up visits, making these programs among the most important that we provide. We can view and change your hearing aid settings remotely using Telecare, so you don't have to come into the office for readjustments.

It takes time to adapt to a new pair of hearing aids. We adjust your hearing aids when you are wearing them at home, providing you with the most realistic environment possible for hearing aid reprogramming. In doing so, the acoustics of the area you are wearing your device are taken into account. All of these subtle signals help us in providing the most accurate settings for you.

Reason #6: We focus on the patient, and have the credentials to prove it.

We take a person-centered approach to audiology. Rather than becoming passive beneficiaries of care, we encourage our patients to take control of their own treatment. This approach is focused on the idea that patient feedback, input, and experiences will help to enhance overall hearing health outcomes. Our Ida Institute certification is a quality indicator that shows we are committed to providing high-quality, person-centered treatment. From our principles to all services we provide, our certification shows we want our patients to be at the core of everything we do. You can also read reviews from our patients.

Here are some other places you can find information on our practice:

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Dr. Cliff Olson
Founder & Audiologist
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Dr. Cliff Olson is an Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. A former Marine Corps Scout Sniper, he left the military to earn his Audiology doctoral degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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