Nearly Invisible Hearing Aid Options for 2022

July 10, 2022

Nearly Invisible Hearing Aid Options for 2022

We've seen a steady increase in the popularity of wireless earbuds over the last few years, and that interest has led to a surge in demand for smaller hearing aids. It's easy to see why - they're perfect for those who don't want to wear hearing aids because of the potential stigma.

Invisible hearing aids don't look like traditional hearing aids. Unlike a traditional hearing aid, which covers the entire ear, they fill the inside of the ear. Invisible hearing aids are now more convenient than ever before because of technological advancements and their compact size.

Here are some of the top almost invisible hearing aids you should care about in 2022.

Starkey Picasso

Starkey is the world's most experienced custom hearing aid manufacturer. More than 800 employees are actively involved in engineering, developing, and delivering their custom hearing aids. That is what distinguishes the Picasso from its competitors. 

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, this in-ear, wireless hearing aid is simple to put in and take out while still powerful enough to reconnect with the world. The Starkey Picasso is discreet and attractive, allowing patients to take to it quickly and discreetly, and because of the custom fit, comfort is second to none. 

It features the ability to learn and adapt to your environment and hearing preferences and works with Starkey's SurfLink products for improved connectivity and control.

Oticon Opn IIC  

The Oticon Opn IIC opens up a whole new world for mild to moderate hearing loss. Oticon has created their most discreet hearing aid ever by optimizing the form of the faceplate and lowering the length and width and the size of the technological components inside.

The Oticon Opn IIC provided superior speech understanding and increased speech understanding in TVs and restaurants in noisy places. This is because, unlike other hearing aids, Oticon's sound processing technology gradually minimizes background noise rather than wiping it out completely.

Although not everyone's ear canals are suited for IIC hearing aids, the Oticon Opn IIC is the company's smallest ever, fitting 8 out of 10 users.

Phonak Lyric

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid may be the smallest and most comfortable 24/7 hearing device you've ever used. It's constructed of a delicate, one-of-a-kind substance that molds to your ear. This hearing aid will astound you not only with its small size but also with its power, and it will provide you with natural hearing all day, every day.

The Lyric locates sound using your ear's natural anatomy and provides a complete, natural listening experience. Placed deep within the ear canal, it is barely visible – even when worn in a busy public place.

Signia Insio Charge&Go AX

The Signia Insio AX is the world's first unique lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid that charges without being plugged in. It features Signia's Augmented Xperience (AX), consisting of two specialized processors. It modifies speech and its surroundings to provide excellent voice clarity while also reducing background noise.

The Insio Charge & Go AX hearing aids are the first custom hearing aids with lithium-ion contactless charging. Place your Insio Charge & Go AX in the Insio Charger, and they will charge like magic! It also includes Signia Assistant and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Widex Moment CIC

A completely-in-canal hearing aid (CIC), the Widex Moment CIC is a hearing aid that fits entirely inside your ear canal. So, if you're seeking a virtually invisible hearing aid that's simple to use, this could be the one.

Hearing aid-processed sound typically reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. When these two 'out of sync' impulses are combined, a less natural sound is produced. PureSound technology from WIDEX MOMENT, on the other hand, uses unique technology to offer a much more organic sound. 

Despite its diminutive size, the hearing aid is robust and delivers the famous Widex sound. With a DEX device or the TONE LINK app, controlling programs and changing the volume is simple. The TONE LINK APP is designed to allow you to control your hearing aids remotely using an Android or Apple device. The app also includes crucial features like program switching, volume control, and more.

Some hearing aid users may benefit from a smaller hearing aid, but not everyone. The modest size of completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids is both an advantage and a barrier.  Although sound quality and discretion are guaranteed, they are less likely to have the features available in more prominent styles. 

To learn more about whether nearly invisible hearing aids are right for you, why not set up a consultation with one of our Audiologists? Visit our contact page to reach out and schedule an appointment.

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