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Oticon Own

People are unique. So are their hearing problems. That's why Oticon have created the Oticon Own - a range of innovative solutions to help you hear better. Oticon Own is made with the best-in-class custom hearing aids to fit your ears and your way of life. They are made just for you.

Oticon Own

The Oticon Own hearing aid is the first in the world to have a Deep Neural Network (DNN) built into the chip. The DNN was trained on 12 million sounds from real life to learn from experience and help the brain by giving people access to essential sounds in their environment. Even in places where listening is hard, like restaurants and office meetings, Oticon Own helps you figure out what you need to hear.

Built on the core of Oticon's life-changing technology, BrainHearing, Oticon Own gives access to the whole sound environment. This lets the brain work more naturally and effectively to make sense of sounds.


  • Based on Oticon's BrainHearing philosophy, which helps our brain understand how sounds work.
  • Oticon Own has been trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes, so it can recognize and deal with almost any sound.
  • Styles range from a full shell to Oticon's smallest IIC (invisible-in-the-canal) to meet the needs of different lifestyles.
  • Offered in five different styles, performance levels, and colors to match a person's hair and skin tone for a truly personalized listening experience.
  • The Invisible-in-the-canal model is fully unnoticeable in 9 out of 10 ears.
  • Provides hands-free, two-way communication with some iPhone® and iPad® devices and direct streaming from some AndroidTM devices.

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