Hearing Aid Fitting And Repair


The process of purchasing and adjusting to hearing aids doesn’t have to be challenging, and at Applied Hearing Solutions we follow industry best practices with extreme precision to ensure that you are set up for success. The importance of a properly fitted and programmed hearing aid cannot be emphasized enough, and our team will go above and beyond to make sure you get years of the highest quality and most consistent hearing possible from your hearing devices.

As incredible as hearing aids are, sometimes they do need a bit of extra TLC. Keep reading to learn how we work diligently to accurately program your devices and how we can help if repairs are needed.

Hearing Aid Fittings and Programming

If you’ve lost some of your hearing ability, it may make your daily life more difficult. Where you once enjoyed long conversations with friends or loved ones, you now find that you need extra support to hear what people are saying. After you’ve completed a thorough hearing evaluation with Dr. Olson, you may decide that hearing aids are right for you.

The fitting and programming period is the single most important series of appointments you will have with Dr. Olson at Applied Hearing Solutions. As each type of hearing loss is different and can affect individuals in a variety of ways, it takes extreme precision and accuracy to program your hearing aids precisely for your needs. Dr. Olson is one of only a handful of hearing healthcare providers that utilizes real ear measurements, and because of this practice, our patients see an incredibly high rate of success with treatment.

Instead of programming your devices according to manufacturer programming recommendations and using the power of suggestion to confirm that you are hearing well, Dr. Olson takes a different approach utilizing Real Ear Measurement. We never want our patients to accept substandard results, so we take the time to carefully assess how your hearing needs compare to the functionality of your device.

These real ear measurements are just one of the many types of best practices utilized at Applied Hearing Solutions. While it can still take some time to adjust to the robust sounds around you, you can rest assured that your hearing aid is programmed to your exact needs. During your hearing aid fitting, you’ll also learn how to take care of your hearing aids, including proper tips for cleaning, insertion and removal guidelines, and helpful ways to keep your devices performing at a high level consistently for years to come.

Hearing Aid Repair

After spending the time necessary to ensure your hearing aids are programmed and fitted correctly, you’ll soon begin to enjoy long-lost sounds in your everyday life. The ability to hear clearly is truly transformative, and if something should go wrong with your hearing aid, it can be both disappointing and stressful.

Rest assured that the team at Applied Hearing Solutions is here to help, with state-of- the-art tools and years of experience in repairing hearing aids. Once you bring your device to our office, we will thoroughly diagnose your hearing aid and determine the cause of the problem. In many cases, we can perform the needed repairs on the same day, leaving you with as little downtime as possible.

Other repairs require attention directly from the manufacturer, and we’re happy to send your devices in for servicing. During this process we will keep you up to date on the repair and may even have loaner hearing aids for you to utilize in the meantime.

We know how important your hearing aids are to your everyday life, and it’s our promise that we complete all repairs efficiently and with great attention to detail. Contact us today if you find that your device isn’t functioning properly and we will help you get back to hearing well in little to no time!

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