Hearing Evaluations And Testing

Hearing loss is a condition that sneaks up on most individuals. With more than 30 million Americans in need of hearing devices and trends showing that number continuing to grow exponentially, it’s essential that individuals become aware of how hearing loss can affect them. At Applied Hearing Solutions, thorough patient education is our primary goal, and even if hearing loss has been troubling you for years, it’s never too late to receive experienced care.

The team at Applied Hearing Solutions finds that our high level of patient success is attributed to our multi-step process which evaluates, educates, and determines the best treatment plan for your individual needs. We begin with obtaining a thorough understanding of your hearing difficulties. Then we perform a hearing evaluation, designed to assess the type, source, and severity of your hearing loss. Dr. Olson and his team are experts in performing a variety of specialized tests to uncover what’s preventing you from hearing well.

Our hearing evaluations include a detailed discussion of your current medical history and we’ll take the time to determine how your symptoms are affecting your day to day life. A complete physical examination of your ear will allow us to see if your ear canal is clear and healthy, or if there is an obstruction that’s causing your hearing loss. Using a series of audiometric tests, Dr. Olson will uncover which sounds you are able to clearly hear and what ranges of volumes or frequencies may present a challenge.

All of our findings will be discussed with you in an easy to comprehend manner, so you truly understand your own hearing loss. We pride ourselves on extensive patient education, and by the time your hearing evaluation has concluded, you will be well-versed in your specific type of hearing loss and the best ways to treat it. Dr. Olson is a firm believer in giving patients the final say when it comes to their specific treatment, so you will never feel pressured to make a decision that isn’t fit for you.


Since we do spend a great deal of time on education, you may feel more comfortable bringing a friend or family member with you to your appointment. Applied Hearing Solutions values interpersonal relationships with our patients and we understand how helpful it can be to have a supportive individual present during your evaluation. We are here to answer any questions you may have, as your understanding of your hearing loss and the solutions available are instrumental to your overall success.

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