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Only One-Third of your treatment success is due to the hearing aid. The other Two-Thirds is due to the professional care you receive.

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Applied Hearing Solutions: Your Arizona Hearing Health Experts

Where do you struggle with your hearing?

Family gatherings?





You’re not alone.  Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss.

Treating hearing loss is not easy.  In-order-to have success, you must have the following 3 components.

  1. The right technology
  2. The right Audiologist
  3. Your commitment to high quality follow-up care

Lose any one of these components and you will not have success with your treatment.  This means struggling to hear at family gatherings, work, restaurants, on the telephone, and watching television.  Not to mention every other aspect of life that is affected by hearing loss.

Why choose Us?

At Applied Hearing Solutions, we provide concierge audiology services to the residents of Anthem Arizona and its surrounding area residents.  Utilizing research proven techniques allows us to treat your hearing loss better. 

When we utilize the fundamentals of  hearing treatment and execute them with extreme precision you will hear better.  Our Board Certified Doctor of Audiology is experienced in treating the most difficult cases of hearing loss.   So no matter what your problems are, we are capable of helping you.

Research shows that less than 30% of hearing care providers implement the techniques necessary to ensure success with hearing treatment. This results in poor treatment outcomes and ultimately, the inability to communicate effectively even after treatment.  Don't let this be you.

If you want to experience what Applied Hearing Solutions has to offer, just follow one of these 4 steps:

  1. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (623)777-5943  (available to answer your call 24/7)
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