WORST Online Hearing Aids in 2019

By: Dr Cliff Olson
July 9, 2019
Video Transcript

*The information presented in this video is my own opinion.  My content is intended to provide information that is of value to the public on issues of public concern.  I did not receive any compensation for this video.

Online hearing aid companies are popping up everywhere as we await the guidelines for the 2017 Over The Counter Hearing Aid Act.  Until that time, no regulations are being enforced to prevent the sale of Online Hearing Amplifiers that are being marketed as legitimate hearing aids.  Just as a side note if you want to trust your hearing loss and brain health to one of the devices on this list, that is up to you, just make sure you are making an informed decision.

#5. MDHearingAid.com - MDHearingAids has 4 different hearing aids that they tout amazing features about, but without the ability to customize the amplification, the amount of benefit is likely limited.  They also have a ridiculous return policy where you are assessed a 10% return fee if you return the devices for credit before 21 days, and they will not refund you after 45 days.  You also need to get an RMA number or they will cost you an extra 20% if you return them.  Consumer Affairs indicates that they have more 1-2 star ratings than 4-5 star ratings. Most of these poor ratings are due to performance and quality issues with their products.

#4. HearingAssist.com - Hearing Assist has an emotional commercial where a Dad can't hear his Son when he says "I love you dad".  Then he goes into a well scripted monologue about how much hearing loss has impacted his life.  Despite talking a big game on their homepage, they do NOT have an A+ rating with the BBB, and only have a 2 star consumer rating.  They also have 8 complaints against the company, most due to not being refunded after returning their products.

#3. Lumiear.com - Lumiear actually has hearing aid images from a hearing aid manufacturer that they do not sell themselves.  This should be a HUGE red flag.  Their other photos are grainy and scream "CHEAP".  In fact, I wouldn't recommend trying their rechargeable lithium option at that low of a price point.  You never know if it will start your hair on fire.

#2. MyHearingHero.com - My Hearing Hero doesn't even have an official website, just an advertorial that leads to a sales page.  Biggest RED FLAG for this company is the upside down hearing aid that they present in each of their marketing pieces.  But hey, they offer you a discount for purchasing 5 devices, and for only an extra $27.70  you can get a lifetime replacement warranty.  All this despite marketing pieces where they claim that they won't be in business for very long.  

#1. NanoHearingAids.com - Nano Advanced Hearing Technology is clearly the worst online hearing aid company in my opinion.  Not only do they use false advertising, make outrageous performance claims, and fake reviews, they also claim to be the first Over The Counter hearing aids despite the FDA's restriction of this claim. How they haven't been shut down by the FDA or fined by the FTC is beyond me.  They have over 100 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, most for poor hearing aid performance and inability for customers to get a refund after returning the devices.If you can't afford traditional hearing aids, you have options.  Organizations like the Starkey Hearing Foundation has a Hear Now Program: https://www.starkeyhearingfoundation.... where you can get 2 hearing aids for only $250.  They significantly outperform the devices on this list, and come with 5 office visits with a hearing care professional to ensure you maximize the performance of those devices.

Dr. Cliff's Thoughts
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