BOSE Hearphones Detailed Review | NOT Your Typical BOSE Headphones

By: Dr Cliff Olson
April 28, 2018
Video Transcript

The BOSE Hearphones are not just your typical set of BOSE Headphones.  They look a lot like the QuietComfort  35 noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, but the HEARphones are BOSE's "Conversation Enhancing Headphones".  While they may be intended to treat hearing loss, BOSE is not able to advertise them as devices that can do so until regulations for the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act are drafted by the FDA, which will be a few years from now.  Until then, let's see how good this product is for hearing loss.

Pro#1. Comfort - The Hearphones are comfortable, really comfortable.  The soft eartips can be worn easily for hours at a time which means you can wear them the majority of the day.

Pro#2. Bluetooth - Because it has a neck collar, you get a strong Bluetooth signal with the device you are streaming sound/calls from.

Pro#3. Quality of Music - It's no surprise that BOSE gives you high quality sound with all of their products.  

The Hearphones definitely do not disappoint.

Pro #4. They can meet a Mild and Moderate Hearing Loss Prescription - Using Real Ear Measurement, was able to program the BOSE Hearphones to a Flat Mild & Moderate hearing loss, as well as a High Frequency Moderate hearing loss.  Learn more about Real Ear Measures in this video:

Pro #5. Noise Cancellation - In true BOSE fashion, the Hearphones can cancel background noise with music, and reduce background noise when amplifying Real World Sound.

The Hearphones are impressive but there are a few Cons in my opinion.  

Con #1. The Collar - I'm not a big fan of wearing anything around my neck.  Plus, I feel that I am being rude by wearing the headphones during a conversation.

Con #2. Phone Call Clarity - You actually get good clarity from the Hearphones, but it does transfer some noise to the person you are talking to on the phone.  Just don't talk on the phone through the Hearphones if you are in a noisy environment.

Con #3. Feedback - The Hearphones do NOT have good feedback cancellation.  This means you are at risk for them whistling at you if you increase the treble too much along with real word sound.

Con #4. Occlusion Effect - The Occlusion Effect occurs when you block off your ear canals which occurs with the closed Hearphone ear tips.  This makes your voice seem really loud to yourself, particularly if you have normal low-frequency hearing.

Overall, I was super impressed with the BOSE Hearphones.  Will they outperform a pair of traditional hearing aids that are programmed well?  The answer is no, but do I think they could be a viable option for someone to use if they have a mild hearing loss?...The answer is actually YES!

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