Tinnitus Treatment Evaluation

How annoying is your tinnitus?

Tinnitus or "ringing in the ear" can impact everyone differently.  Identifying the unique qualities of your tinnitus requires a combination of innovative evaluation measures.

While the majority of hearing care professionals believe that there is nothing you can do for tinnitus, we kindly disagree.

Here is what you can expect during your Tinnitus Evaluation:


The Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire identifies the level of handicap experienced by you as a result of your tinnitus.  This provides a baseline for your future tinnitus treatment.

Hearing Test

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss often go hand in hand.  Performing a baseline hearing test can reveal information about where your tinnitus is located.

Pitch Matching

With tinnitus being a sound that is undetectable by anyone other than you, performing a test which indicates the pitch and volume of the tinnitus is required.


You don’t need anyone to tell you how severe your tinnitus is.  You need someone to tell you what is causing it and what you can do about it.  With tinnitus, information is powerful, and so is our treatment.

Treatment Recommendation

Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, our treatment recommendations will vary.  For more difficult cases of tinnitus, we recommend several options including Neuromonics


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