Hearing Treatment Evaluation

Selecting the Right hearing treatment for you

Despite popular belief, hearing aids are not the only treatment option when it comes to hearing loss.

Treatment options could include anything including Hearing Aids, Bone Anchored Devices, Cochlear Implants, Surgical intervention, or Assistive Listening Devices.

Identifying which treatment option is required for your specific condition requires an accurate Hearing Evaluation.  It also requires the expertise of your audiologist to determine candidacy of these options.

What to expect at your Hearing Treatment Evaluation

It is recommended that you bring a family member to your Hearing Treatment Evaluation.  Hearing loss is commonly considered a family issue.  Your family member can contribute key information to assist the audiologist in identifying the proper treatment option.

The Hearing Treatment Evaluation will comprise a minimum of 4 steps


Identifying your common listening situations and environments are the most important parts of treating hearing loss.   Because of this, we take the time to get to know all about what is important to you.

Hearing Test (if one hasn’t been performed yet)

A hearing test is all about accuracy. 

The measurements taken during this test will identify if you have a hearing loss, the severity, and the type of loss. 

If this step is not completed accurately, every other aspect of your treatment will be negatively affected.


You make decisions better when you are informed.  This is why we clearly communicate your test results using visual aids. 

We make hearing loss so easy to understand that you can explain your results to a friend with ease. 

Treatment Recommendation

Our Doctor of Audiology will always recommend the option that will help you the most.  However, the ultimate decision has to be made by you. 

Having success with hearing treatment requires taking ownership of your own treatment decisions.  No matter what option you choose, we support you 100%.

Investment Decision

Treating your hearing loss means making an investment in your hearing health.  We make accessing high quality hearing health care easy.  

By providing different treatment and service options, you can tailor a package to suit your needs and affordability.  We have financing available too!


If you are struggling with your hearing, schedule a Hearing Treatment Evaluation at (623)777-5943 or click the link below to schedule online!