New Patient Consultation

What to expect at your New Patient Consultation

A consultation is the first step to determining if you have a hearing loss and what the severity of the loss is.

A consultation will encompass 4 steps.

Case History

A complete case history is critical to uncovering potential causes for a hearing loss.

Possible causes can include noise exposure, genetic factors, age, or a long list of other factors.

The case history can also uncover potential conditions that would require referral to a physician. 

Ear Exam

The ear exam can identify if there is ear wax, fungus, or other foreign substances in the ear that could be contributing to hearing loss. 

Often times, removal of these substances can correct the hearing loss problem. 

If the audiologist detects a problems that requires medical attention, this will also require a referral to a physician for medical treatment.

Hearing Test

A hearing test is all about accuracy. 

The measurements taken during this test will identify if you have a hearing loss, the severity, and the type of loss. 

If this step is not completed accurately, every other aspect of your treatment will be negatively affected.

Reviewing the Results

Everyone should understand the results of their own hearing test.

The doctor will take the time to easily explain your hearing loss and how it is affecting your ability to hear. 

Again, if there are any concerns that there is a medical component to your loss, you will be referred to a physician for treatment.


If you have noticed difficulty hearing, schedule a New Patient Consultation at (623)777-5943 or click the link below to schedule online!