Hearing Aid Services

We work with all types of hearing aids.  It doesn't matter if you purchased them online or from another country.

Here is a list of Hearing Aid Services we offer:

  1. Re-programming
  2. Prescription verification
  3. Volume Adjustments
  4. Program Adjustments
  5. Repairs
  6. Cleanings
  7. Diagnostic Checks
  8. Modifications
  9. Re-tubing
  10. Second opinions on Technology & Programming
  11. Dome replacement
  12. Wax trap replacement
  13. Accessory Pairing
  14. Battery Life Testing
  15. Counseling
  16. Auditory Rehabilitation


If you have hearing aid related issues, schedule a Hearing Aid Service appointment at (623)777-5943 or click the link below to schedule online!