Hearing Aid Reprogramming

James K. - New River, AZ

"Dr. Olson is extremely thorough in his explanations of how the ear works and how it changes with age. His impressive use of the latest technical equipment to test my hearing and custom fit my hearing aids makes me feel I received the best of care. He has great patient presence, listens to my questions and never seems in a rush to conclude the appointment. I would recommend Dr. Olson to anyone within "shouting" distance."

Success with hearing aids is so much more complex than just the hearing aid itself.  While having the RIGHT hearing aid is incredibly important, the fitting and follow-up process is what separates successful hearing aid users from average or unsuccessful hearing aid users.  We've made it our purpose to show you how much better you can hear when you receive the best care possible.

How we do it?

Assuming that you are currently wearing hearing aids that have the capability of meeting your needs, they can likely be fit and programmed better.  Because there are so many brands of hearing aids, we cannot adjust them all. 

You must have one of the following brands of hearing aids if you want us to make the adjustments.

  1. Phonak

  2. Oticon

  3. ReSound

  4. Starkey

If you don't have one of these brands, we can still determine if you are achieving the maximum benefit from your current devices.

Making your hearing aid work better requires following these 7 steps:

  1. Determine your personalized hearing needs and wants.

  2. Perform an accurate hearing test.

  3. Develop the "Prescription of Amplification" for your hearing loss.

  4. Measure your current hearing aids to see if they meet your Prescription.

  5. Make the proper physical adjustments to your devices to allow us to program your devices correctly.

  6. Make the proper programming adjustments to meet your Prescription.

  7. Make fine tuning adjustments after you have a chance to perceive sound in your daily activities.

Fitting and programming a hearing aid well is complex, but does not have to be complicated.  If you follow these 7 steps when being fit with hearing aids, you will maximize your performance with your devices.  Maintaining success requires follow-up visits every 3-6 months for hearing aid cleaning, maintenance, and adjustments.  

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Marie C. - Anthem, AZ

"I have had single sided deafness for over 40 years. Recently my "good" ear started losing hearing too. Years ago I had gone to an audiologist but got frustrated and gave up. My husband encouraged me to go see Dr Cliff this summer and he fit me with hearing aids. He worked with me for months making adjustments and helping me to the point where now I love my hearing aids. Because of Dr Cliff, I feel so much less stress undstanding people in social situations."